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Planeta Artis is your online art gallery. Discover original works by contemporary artists to decorate your interior with style! Shopping online: find a canvas or painting that will really enhance your interior. A simple art lover or a certified collector? Your Planeta Artis Gallery selects for you original works by modern, award-winning and recognized artists, as well as new rising values in the field of contemporary art. Browse the numerous collections of works to find the one that suits you best. Finding and buying art online has never been so exciting and easy!

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What is a watercolor technique?

Watercolor (lat. Aqua “water”) is a painting technique that uses watercolors, ie. paints that are bonded with a water-degradable adhesive. Using the watercolor technique, the painting is transparent to see the background. Often, before painting, you draw with a pencil what you want to paint, and then you can see it under the transparent (airy) color.

srpski slikari

Serbian painters

Contemporary art is known in the world under the term contemporary art, which is very often used to avoid the term modern art. What contemporary Serbian painters do for their country and art is difficult to measure, because contemporary painting and painting have no “results” at all.


10 Weird and Wonderful Art History Stories

Let’s face it: it is sometimes difficult to get high school kids excited about art history–or about anything, really, for that matter–so we always need to be on the lookout for dramatic, exciting, or strange stories to pique students’ interest.

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